OCR Inspection Solution


›› What is OCR Inspection?

OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is software that reads characters included in images.


Character inspection is used to confirm that the correct characters are printed on parts or products and output the results. It is also known as print inspection. In recent years, character inspection has been used to capture images of expiration dates or product serial numbers of each component or product, extract characters from image data, and detect and evaluate the characters. Here, the basic knowledge of character authentication called optical character recognition (OCR) and character collation called optical character verification (OCV) is introduced along with the basic principles of character inspection.

›› Advantages of Introducing a Vision System Inspection

The following benefits can be obtained by OCR inspection using a character recognition tool installed in a vision system over manual character recognition and management.

›› Applications

OCR inspection is used in a variety of situations over a wide range of industries.