On The Fly Laser Marking


›› Laser marking on moving workpieces

“Marking On-The-Fly” stands for the marking of moving workpieces. This type of marking is mainly used for continuous manufacturing processes where any standstills of the manufacturing plants would be uneconomical.


›› High demands on the laser machine

Marking on-the-fly places the highest demands on precision and speed of the marking laser. On the one hand, the laser machine must be designed for continuous industrial use. On the other hand, laser marking requires a specific software that takes the speed of the workpieces into account in order to ensure distortion-free marking.

For marking of workpieces in motion, we offer an especially developed solution which guarantees highest quality and processing speeds. The marking “on-the-fly” can be used for linear movements as well as for rotary axes. In the latter case, the marking is applied on the surface tangentially without any distortion. The encoder signal for the position-/motion adjustment is processed in real time, taking in consideration changes of the processing speed.

Major users are packaging system integrator or manufacturers in pharmaceutical container, foodstuff, beverage, tobacco and alcohol industry, and other mass production manufacturer with wire, tube, pipe excursion production line, electronic components and electric device with conveyor transit line.

Laser Materials

With wide range of laser sources configuration options, the system is adaptable all the industrial laser can process organic and non-organic material, including metal, glass, ceramic, graphite, plastics, rubber, fiber and composite.

Laser Technology Refined

Application of the system can fully or partially replace the traditional inkjet coding, especially for the new material which inkjet cannot coding and remain permanent traceable code.

Versatile Laser Machines

With this OTF laser coding technology, users can resolve many challenges for new material and special requirements. Trying the extreme cycle time that laser technology can reach helps the equipment owner significantly leverage capital investment into good revenue and margin generation.

Pharmaceutical Tablet Marking and Drilling

Versatile pharmaceutical laser drilling and marking system


Laser Marking Systems

Our marking lasers have been designed for continuous industrial operation and come with a sophisticated laser software to ensure distortion-free results when marking-on-the-fly. Moreover, our laser machines and the software have been designed for integration into existing plants and processes.

Our on-the-fly laser marking technology can be integrated into existing production lines for conveyor based, high-speed marking of date codes and serial numbers. Full integration services and options are available.


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