PLC Integration & Factory Automation

›› Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Compact, low-cost, and advanced process-control engineering can be achieved based on Programmable Logic Controllers. The main strength of a PLC is their gusto. They are armored for severe conditions, such as dust, moisture, heat, and cold, and have the facility for extensive input/output (I/O) arrangements. Popular brands of PLC hardware include Allen – Bradley, Mitsubishi, Keyence, Siemens and Omron. Hateco designs and integrates factory automation software that provides a wide range of functionality including:

  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Machine controls
  • Temperature and vibration monitoring
  • Data Acquisition
  • Motion Control
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Distributed control systems
  • Sequential relay control

By their very nature, industrial manufacturers face unique challenges that require unique solutions. Slight variances in operating temperature or speed and resistance of machines components can mean thousands of dollars added to the bottom line. Hateco’s custom software development services will help your business track operations and utilization of people and equipment for maximum efficiency.

These are before and after pictures of an Allen Bradley old PLC 5 that we upgraded to the Contrologix platform, switching communications from Remote I/O and DH-Plus to Ethernet.

›› Factory Automation

Automation and integration of factory machine controls can replace up to thousands of relayers, drum sequencers, and cam timers with a single, integrated automation system. Factory automation software addresses a variety of industrial and manufacturing processes and delivers precise, real time data on industrial machine settings for process control and acquisition and analysis of data.

Hateco’s experience in manufacturing software development, software integration, remote monitoring, custom software development, and PLC integration improves employee productivity at manufacturing facilities. Often, improving manufacturing operations begins with PLC integration devices that can be accessed remotely. Through advanced software development techniques, it is possible to use a web browser as the human machine interface (HMI), providing much broader access to machine controls and monitoring. In addition to remote monitoring over the web, a data warehouse can be developed for reporting and business intelligence applications.


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